Our services and expertise

We offer a broad range of Contract Manufacturing services, from partly finished ingredients to finished product. We support all facets of the manufacturing process from sourcing, manufacturing, filling and labeling, stability testing, quality assurance, product development and finally, regulatory compliance. PPC has the expertise, interest and capacity to support smaller, customised batches, as well as large, full-scale production runs. Confidentiality, and the protection of your proprietary information, is expected and assured.


Botanical (herbal) extracts
Fruit & vegetable extracts
Functional food extracts
Therapeutic medicines (TGA)


Therapeutic (TGA)
(cosmetic, skin care)

Personal Care

Shampoos & Conditioners
Body Washes and Lotions
Other presentations:
Therapeutic (TGA) / Non-therapeutic

What products can we make for you?

We manufacture liquid herbal extracts in a TGA certified GMP facility in Melbourne, Australia.  We stock over 100 different herbal extracts and supply these to other manufacturers as required.  Over half of our herbal extracts are made from certified organic herbs.  Talk to us if you need a certified organic herbal extract for your product.

We can also manufacture just about anything liquid.  We can fill and package your product for you, according to your specifications.  We specialize in custom products and can accommodate small production runs of liquids, ointments and creams.  We can quote for a production run of 500-1,000 units and upwards

We can manufacture liquid herbal medicines, shampoos and conditioners, lotions, oils, gels, creams and ointments for other companies. We have a license from the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia to make certain types of medicines and we are also an Australian Certified Organic (ACO) Processor.

We can make food, vegetable or beverage extracts according to your requirements.

We don’t participate in the powder, tablet, capsule or soft gel markets.

This is a Contract Manufacturing web-site. If you are interested in making a retail purchase of herbal medicines or personal care products click here.