Complete manufacturing processes

Sourcing of materials

Validation and quality assurance

All botanical materials are independently validated for authenticity prior to use. PPC also tests all herbal starting materials, as well as the final extract, and generates an internal Certificate of Analysis (CoA) for each herb that accompanies the extract throughout its use. On request, PPC herbal extracts are issued with this CoA, which can minimise any additional testing usually required by the TGA as long as certain simple criteria are followed. This can significantly reduce additional testing costs if the extract is to be used in a therapeutic good within Australia.

Intermittent cold percolation extraction & filtration

PPC utilises an intermittent cold-percolation extraction methodology with ethanol that does not use any isolation process, thus ensuring that the full chemical profile of the herbal starting material is captured in the final extract. This cold percolation extraction procedure is well documented in the herbal medicine literature, and much of the efficacy evidence has been obtained using similar ethanol-based herbal extracts. Finally, all products are filtered and tested against strict microbiological standards before they are utilised further.

Formulating, filling and labeling

After 20 years of manufacturing and utilising botanical extracts, we have accumulated significant knowledge and expertise in formulating liquid medicines, cosmetics and personal care products. With access to in-house formulating chemists and Australian Certified Organic processing status, we can help you achieve your product objectives. We provide either bulk materials or finished product to meet your specifications.

Quality assurance & release for supply

PPC follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in all of its procedures and has well documented standard operating procedures (SOPs) for each step of the manufacturing process. With an Australian Government-issued TGA licence for the manufacture of listed medicines, we take quality seriously. We can also guide you through the regulatory and compliance landscape to ensure you are fully aware of all the legal and statutory requirements.